Here is a list of the staff who make Holton Primary School what it is today. Check back regularly, as this list is always updated!
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Acting Headteacher: Miss Dyke
Acting Deputy Headteachers: Mrs Arnold and Miss Mullan

Additional Learning Needs Co-Ordinator: Mrs D Gall
ALN Support Teacher: Mrs C Brookman

Teaching Staff (Junior)

Year 6
Mrs Morgan
Miss Mullan

Year 5
Miss Edwards
Ms Holmes / Mrs Moggridge

Year 4
Mrs Rogers
Miss Byrne

Year 3
Miss Davies
Mr Osborne

Teaching Staff (Infant)

Year 2
Mrs Griffith
Miss Jones

Year 1
Mrs Wells
Miss Stafford

Mrs Arnold
Mrs Brown

Mrs Gibson

Teaching Staff (PPA)
Mrs Knight
Mrs Bateman
Mrs Gilboy

Non-Teaching Staff

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Hopkins
Mrs Thomas
Mrs Blake
Miss Jones
Mrs Taylor
Mrs Abella
Mrs Richardson
Mrs Lyden
Mrs Linton
Mrs Bell
Mrs Rose
Mrs Perrett [Temporary Y1 Class LSA]

School Business Manager
Miss Owen

Clerical Staff

Mrs Nation

Mr Coombs

Website Development Team
M Gall

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