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Holton Primary School is a primary school catering for children from 3 to 11 years. It is situated in the centre of town on the corner of Holton Road and Court Road. It is housed in purpose built premises which include administration block, two halls, a gym and single classrooms for primary aged children.

We pride ourselves on our caring ethos and we seek to establish an environment which is happy and secure for teaching and learning to take place. We enjoy celebrating the achievements of our children and we regularly present them with awards.

Parents who are considering sending their children to the school are welcome to visit the Headteacher, by appointment, and if required, arrangements can be made for an extended visit.

Inspection Report
Click the link below to download our latest inspection report, conducted by Estyn and published in September 2013. Click here to download »

Holton Primary has been categorised once again as a GREEN SCHOOL 2016/17




2017 – 2018

This year we have been awarded £113,250.  With the governors we decided that the money would be spent on helping children to achieve in Literacy and Numeracy and supporting children’s wellbeing.

We have employed LSAs so that every year group has support for pupils of all ability.

We offer the parents of every child entitled to free school meals the chance to have an extended parents’ meeting with the class teacher.

We employ an extra teacher for a term to help Y2 and Y6 achieve in Literacy and Numeracy at the end of their Key Phase.

We assign two LSAs (Mrs Hopkins and Mrs Taylor) to Nurture so even more children can be supported for their emotional needs.  We provide a meet and greet group and emotional support groups in the mornings and Nurture support in the afternoons.

We employ a part-time teacher to work with children with Additional Learning Needs so that every child has the support they need to achieve.

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