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Welcome to Holton Primary School

Please find below the dates for our Christmas Concerts this year.
Tickets will be on sale from next week at a cost of 50p. Due to space limitation, allocation of tickets will be for two tickets per pupil. Spare tickets can be bought from the office from Monday 1st December 2014.

JUNIOR PERFORMANCE #1 - Monday 8th December at 2.00pm
JUNIOR PERFORMANCE #2 - Tuesday 9th December at 2.00pm
JUNIOR PERFORMANCE #3 - Wednesday 10th December at 2.00pm

FOUNDATION PHASE CONCERT #1 - Wednesday 10th December at 10.00am
FOUNDATION PHASE CONCERT #2 - Thursday 11th December at 10.00am
FOUNDATION PHASE CONCERT #3 - Friday 12th December at 10.00am

NURSERY CONCERT - Monday 15th December [10.45am / 2.30pm]

Thursday 20th Nov - Choir singing at the Barry Town Concert [Memo]
Monday 24th Nov - Parents’ Evening [Meet & Greet]
Wednesday 26th Nov - Choir singing in Crossways Church [2.00pm]
Thursday 4th Dec - PFA Christmas Fayre [3.30pm]
Tuesday 16th Dec - Junior Afternoon Pantomime [New Theatre, Cardiff]
Tuesday 16th Dec - Foundation Phase Class Parties & Disco [1.30pm]
Wednesday 17th Dec - Junior Class Parties incl disco [1.30pm]
Thursday 18th Dec - Foundation Phase Pantomime [10.00am - Memo]
Friday 19th Dec - School closes for Christmas Holiday
Monday 5th January 2015 - School re-opens


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